We used our folding canes to make a star…

A Little History of our group…

On November 16th, 2011 some students and teachers met after school at Malden High School to talk about forming a program or club for students with visual impairments.  The idea was to be a support group for each other in exploring some of the activities that are typically offered after school, while building the skills necessary to access similar extracurricular activities in their community.   Eight students committed to the program, coming from schools in Malden, Chelsea, Georgetown, Revere, Melrose and Everett.   Since many of these students are the only individuals in their schools and districts who are visually impaired,  promoting social interaction with other students from neighboring districts who are also visually impaired was a priority.  The group agreed to meeting every other Wednesday at Malden High School, thanks to the generosity of the Malden Public Schools.

ViStars was born!!

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