The Circus Came to Town

The Big Apple Circus does an awesome accessible event each year for students who are visually impaired. The owners of the circus describe the event to guests who wear headphones. Its an experience like no other! Last spring, ViStars members Beth, Precious, Suzanna, Jade and Renia were lucky enough to attend! It was a great time had by all!!

Our day began when we traveled into the city together on public transportation, taking the orange line downtown from Malden. The show was held at City Hall Plaza. I had never been so it was fun to walk around and explore. Then we enjoyed the show! We laughed and were so grateful for the audio description, which was amazingly awesome. We had an outstanding experience from our ring-side seats.. talk about being VIP! After the show, we were one of the special pre-selected groups who were invited to enter the circus ring and meet the performers, circus animals and touch the props. I never realized how thin a tight-rope was until I was able to feel it during this touch session.. how cool! As if this wasn’t an awesome experience in itself, we then all went to Faneuil Hall for lunch. It was a busy time of day in the food court here, which was a great test for our orientation and mobility skills. O&M Specialists, we made you proud, confidently and independently navigating the crowds of hungry people. We all ordered and paid for our delicious lunches (woohoo to independent living skills!) and had time to socialize with our friends. It was a great day and I can not wait until next year when we can do it all again. Thank you ViStars and Big Apple Circus for making this possible, we had such a GREAT time!

From, your newest fans from ViStars :)

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