Vistars Babysitting

Daisy practices bottle feeding a baby

Contributed by Precious

   Near the beginning of this year, the members of Vistars participated in a 20 hour Red Cross babysitting course. Decision-making techniques and processes, safety precautions, and First-Aid and CPR skills were acquired in three 6-hour sessions.  Videos were used to demonstrate scenarios which were solved after discussing pros and cons of possible solutions. CPR and First-Aid techniques were practiced on baby and adult mannequins as well as each other so that it felt less surreal and more comfortable. Our knowledge was expanded by taking this course, and we can now say that we can be confident and prepared in situations related to our new-found comprehension. This experience was fun and exciting as much as it was informative.

Zhenya practicing CPR on a maniquin

Precious administering CPR to an infant

Beth burping the baby

Precious and Jade administering choking procedures

Zhenya checking Suzanna for signs of breathing

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4 thoughts on “Vistars Babysitting

  1. Congratulations! And thanks for sharing this story. It is so important that young people who are blind or visually impaired have the opportunity to get these kinds of traditional work experiences: babysitting, paper routes, fast food, yard work, etc. Everyone remembers their first job and the foundation that it laid.

  2. I love love love your website. But this page about babysitting was hard to read. THe black text on a blue background was not good contrast.

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