ViStars, Inc.

We used our folding canes to make a star…

A Little Bit About Us….

ViStars is a non-profit 501(c)3-eligible corporation north of Boston, Massachusetts.  The group provides after school empowerment programs for middle and high school teens with visual impairments.  Activities include student government, community service, sports and recreation, social media, leadership training, and travel.

Our bimonthly meetings are held at Malden High School, where we plan events, enjoy the camaraderie and support of our friends, and participate in social and empowerment activities.

working on team building activities!

working on team building activities!

ViStars runs a weekly Goalball program for any middle/high schooler with a visual impairment in the fall and spring sports seasons.  Our team meets on Mondays in Malden starting mid-September.  All are welcome to join – check the blog for announcements as to the dates and times.

goalball game in progress between two teams

To find out more, visit us at:

ViStars on Facebook: ViStars Facebook Page
Follow us on Twitter: @ViStars.NE ViStars on Twitter
And Instagram: Please follow us, our username is vistarsne

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One thought on “ViStars, Inc.

  1. I think a support group for athletes who are blind and want to be involved in high school or community sports is wonderful.
    I was wondering if anything prompted the making of the club. Has anyone in your organization had any problems with high schools not being welcoming or coaches unwilling to coach an athlete? If so what did they do about it?
    I live in eugene Oregon, and I’m doing a study on what non-profits have done for advocating for blind athletes in the school system. I’d really appreciate any information anyone can give me. I know I’m not in your area but discrimination doesn’t pay attention to state lines, and neither does advocacy. If anyone has any information feel free to e-mail me.

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